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A Thousand Words – A Gray Fox to Remember

Surprise is a common occurrence for wildlife photographers, maybe the most common occurrence. While you can make educated guesses based on past experiences, about timing, or locations, or weather – still, the shock of a great encounter always amazes me, … Continue reading

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2012 Big Sur Safaris

There were two safaris to the Highway 1 coast early this year – one from January 13-15 and the other from March 15-17.  After doing two safaris in November and December to the coast I thought maybe I had seen … Continue reading

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2011 An Unbelievable Year in Pictures

There was a time I used to dream of wildlife encounters before a safari to Yellowstone.  I don’t remember the dreams now, but those last few nights before a safari started were sleepless with anticipation.  In the late 1980’s, when … Continue reading

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