Photo Safaris

This is where the rubber meets the road in learning photography.  Like I’ve told the folks who have attended my photo seminar – unless you go spend time, extensive time, in the field taking photographs with other photographers and seeing how tripods work, how camera settings really function in the field, compositional skills, learning about light, etc – you will never really improve your photography.  Whether you choose me or others, going on a photo safari will improve your photography woodcraft.

On a photo safari I emphasize moving people beyond taking snapshots and shooting for the wall, shooting professional quality images with the equipment they have.  Here is a link to my website with all my currently scheduled safaris, take a look and come along.

Currently Scheduled Photo Safaris – Link

2010 Southwest Colorado Autumn Color Safari

2010 Death Valley Spring Safari

2009 Yellowstone/Grand Teton Fall Safari

2009 Wildflower Safari

2010 Yellowstone/Grand Teton Autumn Safari

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