About Brent Paull

With no thoughts of a career in photography, a friend and I made a trip to Yellowstone National Park in September 1983.  Later trips led to my first published article and photos and an awakening in me of all the feelings I had felt about nature in my youth and teenage years, as well as my two years serving an LDS mission in Montana from August 1979 to August 1981. As a senior at Brigham Young University, I had my first travel photography article published with four wildlife photos I had taken included with the article.  That was in November 1985 and I was hooked.

From that point on, while my life has detoured in different directions, my overall goal has remained the same.   Life in the mountains and deserts and coasts of the western United States photographing and writing about all I could see and discover.  It didn’t matter if I was shooting grizzlies or brides (some might consider them close to the same) I’ve always wanted to shoot the best images possible.  My roots lie as a wildlife/nature photographer.  Those outdoor skills have served me well whether it be in corporate photography work, portrait work, or leading photo safaris, teaching photo seminars, and doing nature shows – both in person and on ZOOM.  My strengths as a portrait photographer come from understanding light, composition, and balance – skills I learned as a nature photographer.

My wife and our children have all spent countless, adventurous hours with me chasing the ultimate wildlife images in Yellowstone and throughout the western United States.  Whether wading in tidal pools near Carmel, California – photographing bugling bull elk in Yellowstone National Park – or battling the swarms of mosquitoes at the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge in Utah – they love to go and have kept that same adventurous spirit alive in their own personal lives.  If my photography has influenced their lives for the better then my career has been a success.  College, jobs, and marriage have sent them on their different paths – but the memories remain – the experiences last a lifetime.  If you are reading this brief bio and have enjoyed the blog or the images on my website then so much the better – I’m a lucky man.  I hope your Subscribe to this blog, and will subscribe to my newsletter (LINK) as well.  BRP

1 Response to About Brent Paull

  1. david Knight says:

    Brent I enjoyed your quick bio very much. I also have enjoyed looking at your photos….excellent!

    Dave Knight

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