2012 Yokohl Valley Safaris

There has been a little bit of everything on my safaris into Yokohl Valley.  Wildlife, birdlife, wildflowers, landscapes – they have been really rewarding trips.  On the Yokohl Valley  Safari March 31 we shot Yokohl then drove over to Dry Creek near Lemon Cove.  We came across a small group of tom turkeys strutting in a meadow near the road.  We slithered under the fence and climbed down a small hill to get to the meadow.  They put on a great show for us.

Displaying tom turkeys along Dry Creek.

They gobbled, fanned their feathers, and strutted – all in the middle of a meadow of popcorn flowers and fiddleneck.  After shooting Chahn Nguyen moved around behind them and herded them back towards the rest of us … it was a great half an hour.

Wild tom turkey along Dry Creek.

Here is a group image of many on the safari, including myself, shooting a group of California poppies.  Thanks to Bob Sutton for the image.

March 31, 2012 Yokohl Valley Safari

That morning in Yokohl we had seen a lot of birds, but no bobcats.  Sometimes they seem to be around every corner, and then they vanish like snow in the summer.  We did photograph a number of great scenic vistas, the oak woodlands were just gorgeous in bright green grass and with the trees leafing out.  The flowers hadn’t peaked like last year, but they were thickening up and the recent rains promised that more would come.

Yokohl Valley oak woodlands.

Yokohl Valley Oak Woodlands.

Late in the afternoon the clouds moved in and sprinkles began to fall.  We decided to make one more run into Yokohl Valley before the expected storm closed us out.  Some had to leave the safari, and we joked about running into a bobcat … which, of course, we did.  Jason George spotted his second bobcat of the day on a rocky hillside.

Bobcat. Yokohl Valley on March 31, 2012.

As we got out of our vehicles to set up tripods and shoot the bobcat the rain began to fall in heavier drops.  The cat stayed in the rocks for a couple of minutes before moving off across the hillside.

Bobcat stalking squirrels from a rock perch in Yokohl Valley.

Bobcat in Yokohl Valley, moving across the hillside.

On other trips I spent more time shooting songbirds.  In early spring songbirds, and really birds of every kind, come flooding back through the valley to nest.  Most can be photographed from a vehicle with ease.  There are many nests in the valley and a careful observer might pick out some nests that are active.

Loggerhead Shrike in Yokohl Valley.

Acorn Woodpecker in Yokohl Valley.









Ferruginous Hawk hawk in Yokohl Valley.












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