2010 Autumn Yosemite NP

My shoot in Yosemite this past October was visually stunning.  The colors were near peak along the Merced River in Yosemite Valley and the ferns were a bright yellow.  While the sky was overcast (a blessing for shooting landscape images) and we felt rain on occasion throughout the day – the foreground beauty made up for it.  Sometimes its all about the sky and mountains, sometimes its about the forest floor, rivers, and shrubs.  I was impressed by the folks on my safari – their vision always seems far more interesting than my own.  After each safari we trade our six favorite images and offer critiques, and I was impressed by their subject selection and how it differed from mine.  We worked the Mariposa Grove, Merced river, the fern fields beneath the pines, as well as the Meyer Barn at Foresta and the Tunnel Overlook.  We crossed through the valley a number of times looking for different photography locations and color hotspots.  Even on a blustery day the park was full of tourists, photographers, cars and buses.
There is never one vision of a subject, and there is never just one interpretation of a common vision.  Few spots on Earth are photographed as much as Yosemite Valley, yet on every trip I come away with some unique image or new subject – a different way of seeing.
On this safari I was looking for tight landscapes.  No overcast sky, no gray granite – just landscape images from within, subjects from within a greater landscape.  I spent a lot of time on my knees and my heavy gardening knee pads were soaked by the end of the day.  My final edit was about 90 images.  Now I shot about 600 images but many were the over/under images from bracketing.  Some were compositions that didn’t work and in some the wind conspired against me.  But those 90 images (I’ve sold 3 as fine art prints so far) improved my Yosemite Stock Library with colorful, dynamic autumn color.

My winter safari is Dec 18th.

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